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[140423/VID] EXO-M @ 18th Chinese Music Awards (+HD Download Links)


HD Download Links:
Full Cut: MEGA, Baidu


cr:남자124, 吴亦凡吧

[HQ SCANS] Lotte Duty Free Star Avenue – EXO


[140419/VID] EXO-M on CCTV15 Global Chinese Music (+HD Download Links)


HD Download Links:
Performance Cut:MEGA, Baidu
Full EXO-M Cuts: MEGA, Baidu

cr:남자124, FHDShare

[140416/PIC] SMTown Now Official Website Update: EXO – The 2nd Mini Album Comeback Show



src:SMTown Now

[140416] The Celebrity Magazine Update: Suho




src:The Celebrity

[140415] EXO 2nd Mini Album Comeback Showcase Download Links

SM is blocking YouTube videos so download links for now~


Torrent: 626mb | FLV
MEGA: 626mb | FLV
BAIDU: 626mb | FLV
GDrive: 626mb | FLV

cr:플로라, 남자124